Hi, I'm Joanne Carey.

I have been in the dance world for over 30 years, 23 of which I owned my own dance school, The Westfield School of Dance, serving as its artistic director. Thousands of children and families have come through its doors - a community inside a community. A place to “Dance with all your Heart!” And that we did, each and every year!

WSOD was born out of a love and passion for dance & the art form, believing and instilling that there is a dancer in everyone.

While everyone does not go on to have a professional career in dance, ask anyone who has taken a dance class and they will tell you how it made them more confident, strong, and gave them the ability to discover things about themselves they never thought they could do.

Dance touches lives on so many levels and creates some of the best story tellers alive.

So once again out of this passion for dance and the desire to keep telling dance stories, “Dance Talk with Joanne Carey” was born.

Tune in as I welcome guests, each with an expertise in their own field, who share the same passion and desire to bring to the community a conversation that will educate, inspire and offer the community a close up view of this beautiful art form!

So, Let’s talk dance!

Joanne Carey









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Dancers/Dance Teachers/Dance Artists

We'll sit down to chat about you, your story, and what makes you love and live this art form. Sharing any advice for students & parents along with insights & your perspective & expertise of the beloved art form. Of course, any publications, performances and programs you are involved can be discussed!

Artistic Directors & Dance Festival Creators

You have a vision! You are the gatekeeper of the legacy. We’ll share all about this role and it’s commitment to an organization and how it keeps it moving forward. What you look for in your dancers, repertoire, and how tradition is both honored and recreated.

Studios, Conservatories, Universities & Dance Organizations

Before a dancer can take flight, we have to learn! Yours are the places where the next generation is molded. We’ll discuss your individual organization’s expectations, requirements, mission and goals. And how your organization stands apart and what is the unique quality it offers the dance world.

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